Bus company goes green with first hybrid coach in UK

A bus company is going green with its latest coach.

Friday, 16th February 2018, 17:20 pm
Updated Friday, 16th February 2018, 17:22 pm
The Irizar i4H hybrid coach being trialled by Borders Buses.

Borders Buses, which runs a service in Berwick, has introduced the UK’s first hybrid coach to its network on a four-week trial.

The Irizar i4H is the first coach in the UK to have class II hybrid technology for short to medium distance trips.

The vehicle is designed to reduce fuel consumption by more than 20 per cent, resulting in reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and improvements in local air quality.

Sharon Morrison, commercial manager at Borders Buses said: “Testing a range of vehicles whilst speaking with our drivers, engineers and customers is a great way to ensure we remain focused on delivering a modern, reliable and greener bus service.

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“In addition to the types of vehicles, it is important we remain engaged with customers to ensure our buses and coaches are specified with facilities which make bus travel simpler and more enjoyable.”

“We hope our customers recognise our commitment and continue to provide feedback on all aspects of our service.”

To provide feedback email info@bordersbuses.co.uk or call 01896 754350.