Bloom team is keen on Rose Garden

The Berwick in Bloom committee has expressed interest in taking on the town's Rose Garden to try to boost its chances in the annual Northumbria in Bloom competition.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 17 August, 2018, 11:16
Berwick's rose garden

The committee hopes to work on improving soil quality later this year before replanting next year.

The group has been invited to submit a plan and budget for the work.

The area, at Flagstaff Park, is currently maintained by Northumberland County Council but concerns about its condition were raised by Berwick Town Council earlier this year.

However, Coun Karin Graham conceded at last week’s local services committee: “It looks a lot better now than it did a little while ago.”

In a report to the town council, clerk Gareth Davies said: “The gardens were partially replanted in the early 2000s but the full scheme wasn’t completed. Since this time plants have been lost through theft or unsuitable soil conditions. Today, the gardens have few roses and the soil is probably in poor condition and level in parts of the beds is low.

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“The Herbaceous plantings at either end of the rose garden were re-planted at the sametime. These need some major maintenance and also require more planting.

“Earlier in 2018 the Town Council postponed a decision on buying more plants. The replanting scheme suggested by NCC was subsequently revised because the plants suggested (mediterranean) were not suitable for the wet, heavy soil.

“The NCC have offered mulch for the beds but the requirement for more topsoil to fill some of the beds has also been identified.

“The Berwick In Bloom committee want to take on the rose garden as part of Berwick in Bloom 2019 to maintain and develop the planting. They suggest the remainder of 2018 be used to improve the quality of the soil prior to re-planting in 2019.”