Blame lies with Government

I believe the blame for the delay in giving us a hospital fit for today belongs with the Coalition Government.

Monday, 22nd August 2016, 8:00 am

The LibDem/Tory alliance undermined the NHS with a seemingly wasteful re-organisation that cost £3billion instead of putting it into patient care.

This week’s crisis announcement, I believe, arises because the Government’s questionable economic management has been compounded by the Brexit recession.

Sterling has devalued by 15 per cent, pushing up costs and inflation; major banks are already moving staff to Luxembourg and Germany; and manufacturing is in decline in anticipation of the inevitable imposition of trade barriers, red-tape and costs arising from leaving the Single Market.

Even if a Free Trade deal is signed with anyone, even Micronesia, all that allows is the export of manufactured goods, not services such as insurance, banking and IT development, which are so important to our economy.

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The Tories have to go.

Eric Goodyer