Bikers descend on Tweedmouth

Riders from all over the UK came to Tweedmouth, camping on council land next to the Black and Gold Club.

Thursday, 14th June 2018, 13:43 pm
Monks Rally.

Berwick and District Motorbike Group worked with Coun Karin Graham of Berwick Town Council to organise the event.

They would like to thank parks and open spaces officer Frances Povey, Hugh Boyd from local services and Bob Hodgson and Terry Harkins who helped provide some of the infrastructure.

Coun Graham said: “The rally-goers filled the towns bars, restaurants, shops, cafés and taxis during the red hot weekend here in Berwick and Tweedmouth. It was great to see the place filled with biker enthusiasts in the sunshine.”

The group enjoyed a successful event with excellent bands playing at the club over two evenings. Around 300 people gathered to listen to Percy and the Piglets, South of Sanity and Exhibit A.

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The club raises money for Easter egg donations to sick and underprivileged children in the local area. It is planned to repeat this charity event next year at the same venue.