A big ask to keep two boxer pals together

Kasper, Tommy, Benji and Etta are all ginger or ginger and white cats.

Friday, 12th October 2018, 3:48 pm
Berwick animal rescue kennels
Berwick animal rescue kennels

All of them are very loving and affectionate.

The boys could go to a home in pairs or singles, but Etta would most definitely prefer a home as an only pet.

The boys are all around seven years old, whereas Etta is just a youngster at about two years.

All of them enjoy their food, but while the boys are on normal food, Etta does need a diet that is wheat free, with just chicken or turkey as her protein.

Two beautiful tabbies are Clive, who is super fluffy and friendly, and probably around eight years old, and Heidi, who is now in double figures.

Unfortunately, Heidi suffers from a form of cerebral palsy, but she certainly doesn’t let it affect the way she approaches life.

She always has time to let you know how her day is going.

Beautiful boys Ronnie and Reggie are stunning boxers.

They are such super boys, both so full of energy and slobbery cuddles.

Although, ideally, we would like these two to go to a new home together, we do realise that it is a big ask so may, for the right homes, consider re-homing them separately.

Toby, the springer cross, will make a super agility dog.

We took him around the back of the kennels with Gypsy, a young kelpie-cross, thinking that she would love agility.

We had all the agility equipment set up for them and Toby whizzed around it like a pro. A competition then ensued as to which dog could do best.

Both these dogs will excel at something like agility, or even canicross, given the right training.

Another dog who needs an owner that will go that bit further for them is Bonnie, a young Labrador cross.

She has some issues, but none of them are insurmountable with the correct input from an owner.

Bonnie has shown us just what a loving dog she can be, and she is so keen to please.

However, she does need an owner who can show her how great life can be.