Berwick Wheelers take to the hills for the month

In an exceptional display of commitment and fortitude, Berwick Wheelers member Andy Waring clipped in to his pedals and took to the hills throughout October, placing fourth in the UK for total metres climbed during the 31-day period.

Monday, 7th November 2016, 2:57 pm
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 3:20 pm
Berwick Wheelers in action.

Organised by activity tracking app Strava, the climbing challenge saw a cumulative total of 9,000 elevation metres gained throughout the duration of the month – a gauntlet the Berwick Wheelers decided to pick up and run with, both as a means of maintaining fitness into the off-season, and as a source of fun inter-club competition.

Having obtained the initial target, Waring went on to blast through the figure, eventually clocking up a mammoth 36,750 metres, an amount bettered by only three of the UK’s near 22,000 participants. Even more impressively he ultimately placed, 126th on the global leaderboard out of a field in excess of 146,000.

“I probably took the challenge seriously half way through the month,” he said.

“Some of the conditions I rode in were atrocious and fitting in the rides whilst working was hard going, it’s been ride, sleep, work, ride, sleep. I think I rode every day in October and kept upping the anti over the weeks.”

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And Waring was not alone in representing the region in the upper echelons of the challenge, with fellow Wheeler Nigel Carrick pushing him all the way and racking up an equally staggering 30,593 metres.

In total 12 of the club’s members managed to achieve the gruelling 9,000 metre target with a 13th tantalisingly just 98 metres shy.

Not to be outdone, Michelle Highfield shone for the ladies and pushed for a massive 14,470 metres by committing no less than 23 days in the saddle throughout the month.

Gluttons for punishment can now sign up for Strava’s November challenge, a mere 8,000 metres, but for many of the Wheelers the coming weeks will be a time for resting weary legs. As far as climbing goes this truly was an Octoberfest!