Berwick residents help people stranded on the A1

Berwick residents have shown their spirit and kindness to help people stranded on the A1.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 02 March, 2018, 08:14
Castle Hotel, Berwick

The Swan Centre was open overnight to provide shelter, while The Castle Hotel and Brewers Arms also helped out.

Local resident Karen Renton said: “I came across a cry for help from a lady who had been stranded on a mega bus (around 40 passengers I think) for around seven hours just south of the Scremerston roundabout. She was asking if anyone could take out hot drinks and food.

Swan Leisure Centre, Berwick.

“I had noticed earlier that the Brewers Arms were giving people free tea and coffee if they’d been stranded, messaged them and they offered to stay open all night to give them shelter.

“I put a post on Berwick Deserves Better and also contacted Woodys taxis to see if anyone could help either get people into town or take supplies to them.

“It went crazy. Many people went out, or tried, to get to them, Woody was unable to reach them but some locals did. They managed to get the bus turned around and brought into Berwick.

“While this was happening locals approached cars from the Scremerston roundabout to about the Lowick junction telling them there was shelter at The Swan Centre, The Castle Hotel or The Brewers Arms.

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Swan Leisure Centre, Berwick.

“People donated pillows and blankets to the Brewers Arms and Castle to keep passengers warm. Cafe at Marshalls also got in touch offering to take provisions to those stranded in cars etc and registered the offer with Northumbria Police.”

One woman stuck on the bus was particularly grateful and tweeted her appreciation.

Gemma Davison tweeted: ‘Big thanks to the people of Berwick and the Brewers Arms for their hospitality. They saved us from a night stranded on a freezing coach. And to the locals who dropped off pillows and blankets for us to sleep with.’

Berwick Deserves Better, posting on Facebook, added: ‘A few of us managed to get down to Scremerston. Huge thanks to Michael & Jack Guthrie Fiona Aitchison for coming down and helping get the bus turned and away to Berwick. The Brewers arms for sorting them out.

‘Also shout out to Brian Bowden Mel Stuart Watson Colin Easton for coming down. Woodys taxis for trying to get down. Im sure I’ll miss someone ,if I do I’m sorry.

“We told as many people as we could to get to the Swan Centre for Leisure (also massive thanks to them) to get warm and stay safe. Well done Berwick, wish we could have done more but we did what we could.’