Berwick Middle School performsa story of love, loss and custard!

It may be the most famous kids' musical of all but mastering an iconic show like Bugsy sure ain't child's play.

Thursday, 29th March 2018, 14:00 pm
Bugsy Malone

It needs a whole lot of splurge gun action, plenty of hooligans and sassy broads and, most of all, it needs a sparky young cast who just love goofing around.

Berwick Middle School delivered it all in their version of Bugsy Malone at The Maltings last week, despite warnings of illness and injury which had blighted rehearsals.

Bugsy Malone performed by Berwick Middle School.

What was especially clever was that – like last year’s Annie – the whole cast stayed on stage throughout, reacting and swapping roles which gave the show a real buzz.

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We had fantastic leads in cool guy Bugsy (Payton Cooney); talented Tallulah (Amanda Smith) and Blousey (Isla Deans), who wowed us with her audition solo.

Down-on-his-luck gangster Fat Sam (Jordan Hodgson) provided a lot of the laughs with his incompetent but hilarious gang, while rival Dandy Dan (Jamie Lawson) and his splurge gun-wielding followers just revelled in winding him up.

But we also had brilliant cameos such as Coby Turner Scott, as Fizzy, who produced a soulful solo. Kirstin Blake stood out as daft police officer O’Deary, demonstrating a real flair for comedy, the perfect sidekick for the frustrated Captain Smolsky (Ruben Newman).

Bugsy Malone performed by Berwick Middle School.

We were distracted too by Jake Dodds, as Leroy, who was so funny as Bugsy’s boxing protégé and the silly You’ve Gotta Have It number led by Cagey Joe (Logan Brown), which was especially entertaining.

There were so many star turns; everyone had their chance to shine. From the undertakers who simply told the bodies to ‘gerr’up’ to the unimpressive audition hopefuls, no one hid in the shadows or failed to give their all.

When the cast returned for the finale with a confident and upbeat rendition of Bad Guys, it was clear how much they had loved being part of the production and, in spite of the bugs that had plagued them, it was their enjoyment that was infectious. Well done BMS!

MAIN CAST: Payton Cooney; Isla Deans; Amanda Smith; Jordan Hodgson; Jaime Lawson; Frankie Briggs; Kian Graham; Daniel Hayward; Matthew McIver-Scott; Stuart Flannigan; Erin Hook; Olivia Forster; Julia Lukjanow; Ellie Buglass; Marcie Beresford; Tia Gibson.

Bugsy Malone performed by Berwick Middle School.
Bugsy Malone performed by Berwick Middle School.
Bugsy Malone performed by Berwick Middle School.
Bugsy Malone performed by Berwick Middle School.