Beautiful array of pets to choose from

Sadly, the intake of animals over the New Year continued and the first casualty of a Christmas rehoming fortunately found a home very quickly.

Friday, 11th January 2019, 1:59 pm
Berwick animal rescue kennels

We have some beautiful animals in. Here is just a quick run through of some of them.

Cats include Salem and Michael, five-month-old black cat brothers with very different personalities. Ideally, these two should go together.

Puddy is a stunning 16-month-old tabby and white cat who just loves to be loved.

Maddy is around four years old and pure white. She has taken time to settle, but has turned into a very loving girl. We do feel a quieter, pet-free home will probably suit her best and allow her the time she will need to settle.

Daisy is still with us and we are trying a new litter attractant. Sadly, if this doesn’t work we really don’t know what the future holds for her. We do not feel that she is a candidate to live permanently outside so a very understanding home is needed and, fingers crossed, when she can get out and about the problem will be solved.

Cooper is a very lovely German shepherd-cross. He came in with a host of problems, but these are largely solved or on the way to being. He now walks well on a lead and has lived with another dog previously.

Mable the fox terrier had a lovely groom last week, thanks to Wot-A-Clip, and how smart she looks. If her new hairdo doesn’t get her a home we’d be very surprised. She would need to be an only pet and care is needed when out and about as she does not like other dogs at all.

Flynn is just a youngster, probably not much more than two years. He has a great personality and is very enthusiastic about life in general. He’s a small lurcher type. We think that what is putting people off is that he is black, once again coming top of the list of reasons why a dog remains unhomed.

We still have two groups of female guineas looking for homes, a two and a three, as well as three rabbits, Rebus, Shadow and Fluffy, looking for separate homes.