Beach-goers get summer safety advice from council

Northumberland County Council is encouraging people to take care when enjoying the county's coast this summer.

Saturday, 26th March 2016, 2:42 pm
View of Bamburgh beach and Bamburgh Castle Picture by Jane Coltman

With the popularity of beach parties during the warmer months, the council is providing some early advice by urging beach-goers to act responsibly and take some precautions before taking the plunge.

Last year the council received a number of concerns from residents about beachgoers putting themselves or others at risk – either from dropping litter, careless use of disposal barbecues or going into the water after drinking alcohol.

Councillor Liz Simpson, chair of Safer Northumberland, said: “We want people to enjoy themselves and make the most of our spectacular county’s beaches - but we want them to do it safely.

“That’s why it is important that beach-goers, in particular those having beach parties, act responsibly to ensure the safety and the maintenance of our beautiful unspoilt coastline.”

Advice includes staying clear of the water when under the influence of alcohol, and ensuring that children are always accompanied by an adult when near the water.

All litter should be taken home, keeping beaches clean and safe of dangers such as broken glass. And those using disposable BBQs should be extra vigilant to avoid the risk of fire when the dune grass is dry.