Beach buggy fun for Grove pupils

Children from the Grove School spent a day on Spittal Beach last Tuesday, enjoying splashing in the waves and accessing the beach in their wheelchairs.

Friday, 22nd June 2018, 11:59 am
Grove School pupils at Spittal beach.

Simon Mulholland, from Ponyaxes, came with his specially-adapted buggy which was pulled by his pony Obama, named after the former US President.

Simon, tweeting @ponyaccess afterwards, said: ‘ It is all about enjoying the beach. These kids can enjoy the beach, they just can’t get on the beach.

Grove School pupils at Spittal beach.

‘Obama making a real difference with the Grove School, Berwick upon Tweed. Access matters.’

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He added: ‘Beautiful location. We will be back’.

Meanwhile, Berwick Rotary Club heard last week how the highly-acclaimed school had made a tremendous impact on the area in the last 12 months.

Headteacher Penny Derries told Rotarians about its achievements.

She has been there for 14 years and head for the last three and said they were helping the 44 pupils, with complex needs, to achieve their motto of ‘dream, believe, achieve’.

Every pupil, from nursery and primary to secondary, was an achiever and the school helped them to achieve their potential.

They followed the national curriculum and built on the strengths of their pupils.

They have six different classes.

Mrs Derries said they looked at learning through enjoyment and the staff were inspired by the pupils every day.

She explained the use made of modern technology and the hydrotherapy pool installed at the school was an amazing resource, still going strong.