Battle for spaces is on

I read with incredulity your piece about how the amendment of the Parade car park from long-stay to short-stay is having a noticeable impact, (Berwick Advertiser, August 16).

Saturday, 25th August 2018, 9:00 am

If that impact is a half-empty car park then job done, we’ll done Berwick Town Council.

This was done apparently in the name of tourism. However, it seems to me that the majority of tourists in Berwick, unfortunately, are not interested in the town history or the Barracks, but simply in stocking up at the discount shops, then going back to the caravan sites.

I’m a resident in Berwick and have a residents’ parking permit. However, as there’s no parking outside my home, I would normally leave my car in that car park all weekend, rather than inconvenience another residents and park outside their house for 48 hours.

All this will do is make parking for those living near the car park a battle for spaces, as well as those who work in Berwick needing to find alternative parking.

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Local councils have form when it comes to these kinds of decisions. The expense of the Church Street coach park, which didn’t last long, and now the conversion back to car parking must all come with a hefty price tag.

Some cynical people would say the change from long-stay to short is nothing but a money-making scheme to fill council coffers after, what I consider, some frivolous spending.

If the council really wants to do something to promote tourism, how about getting rid of the market at the weekend and replacing it with something that people may actually use, such as a farmers’ market, addressing the issues of empty stores in Marygate, and making the town a destination for those who don’t see it as a stop-off point at Morrison’s when travelling between Newcastle and Edinburgh?

Gavin Hunt

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