Bandits' play-off hopes are dashed as the Tigers roar

Berwick Bandits 31-58 Glasgow Tigers

Thursday, 28th July 2016, 10:04 am
Updated Thursday, 28th July 2016, 11:07 am

Berwick’s end of season play-off hopes were dashed on Wednesday when they were humbled by high-flying Glasgow at Shielfield.

The Tigers arrived joint top of the Premier League table, and they enhanced their own title credentials with a performance which was as emphatic an away display as one is likely to see anywhere.

Not to be unkind to the Bandits, Glasgow simply tore them to pieces, producing no fewer than 13 of the 15 race winners.

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In Richard Lawson (who dominated his first four heats), Rene Bach (who raced to a 15-point paid maximum) and Richie Worrall (who was unbeaten in his four outings), the Tigers had a trio who just about won the meeting on their own.

Throw into the mix Aaron Summers, who also had two race wins, and Berwick asset Fernando Garcia, who had one, and it was easy to see how they won so comfortably.

For the home side, their only joy came from reserve Liam Carr, who won heat two, and skipper Kevin Doolan, who beat Summers in heat six.

Thomas Jorgensen also battled hard all night but without any reward.

Berwick gave a debut to new signing Dawid Stachyra, but he struggled to compete, failing to beat an opposition rider, only ending up with one point.

There was also one nasty incident in heat eight when Glasgow’s Danny Ayres fell on the second bend on the final lap and Matty Wethers ploughed into the back of him, having been left with nowhere to go.

Thankfully, both riders got to their feet, but Ayres was unable to play any further part in proceedings and was withdrawn from the meeting.

After the meeting a disappointed Berwick manager Scott Courtney said: “No need to have a post mortem on that one.

“Glasgow were by far the better side and thoroughly deserved their victory. They were quicker from the gate and there was nothing we could do to stop them.

“It was disappointing, but as a team we win together and lose together. We will take it on the chin and move on to the next one.”

Berwick: Jorgensen 9, Pijper 7, Carr 6+1, Doolan 6, Wethers 2+2, Stachyra 1, Gappmaier 0.

Glasgow: Bach 14+1 (paid max), Lawson 13, Worrall 10+2 (paid max), Summers 9, Lunna 5+2, Garcia 5, Ayres 2.