Bandits bruised in Edinburgh defeat

Edinburgh Monarchs 57-33 Berwick Bandits

Saturday, 15th April 2017, 08:56 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 18:05 pm

Berwick took another bashing on their visit to Armadale in the league on Friday, going down to a convincing 24-point defeat.

The Bandits were well beaten on the night by the Monarchs, who in total had 14 race winners, but team manager Gary Havelock was far from happy.

First of all, with Ryan Blacklock already sidelined with a back injury, he was left with two more team members nursing sores.

Liam Carr damaged his shoulder and Dimitri Berge his wrist, placing question marks over their possible inclusion in the meetings against Glasgow on the following two nights.

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Havelock was also annoyed at the decision to exclude Berge from the re-run following his crash after he was hit from behind my Mark Riss.

“In 47 years I have never seen such a poor decision by a referee,” he said. “Dimitri was in front when he had his back wheel taken away from him.

“Edinburgh now also need a new pits phone as I was fined for ungentlemanly conduct!”

Berwick changed their riding order for the meeting in the hope that Berge and Carr could pick up some points and used young Joe Lawlor as a guest for Blacklock.

But, on a heavy track, Edinburgh dominated throughout and Erik Riss raced to a full 15-point maximum whilst fellow heat-leaders Sam Masters and Ricky Wells also both went unbeaten by an opponent.

With reserve Mark Riss also winning two races and Josh Pickering one, it meant the Bandits only had one race winner from the 15 heats, with reserve Dany Gappmaier taking the chequered flag in 14.

“It was not our night tonight,” said Havelock, “I am a very angry manager.”

Edinburgh: E Riss 15, Wells 13+2, Masters 11+1, M Riss 9, Pickering 4, Davey 3+1, Clegg 2+1.

Berwick: Vissing 8, Doolan 8, Gappmaier 7+3, Bridger 7, Berge 3+1, Carr 0, Lawlor (guest) 0.