Bailiffs target illegal fish trading

River Tweed Commissioners made their first successful prosecution against a fishery for contravening record-keeping requirements last year.

Saturday, 12th March 2016, 11:00 am
Fishing on The River Tweed in Kelso.

Tweed bailiffs checked approximately 75% of the Fishery Record Books over the whole system throughout the 2015 season, and two other minor cases were dealt with by warning and formal letters.

Bailiffs also managed to break down the market chain for illegally-caught salmon which was being sold at London markets and then on to high-end restaurants.

“The development of a collaborative approach with other agencies, both in England and Scotland and adjacent District Salmon Fishery Boards, was instrumental in disrupting that organised crime,” says the River Tweed Commissioners annual report.

Routine bailiff patrols resulted in 21 illegal nets being recovered from the Lower Tweed and lower tributaries, together with a large fish trap from the bottom end of the system. The numbers in the Berwick area were fewer and mostly unattended.