As one dog leaves, another two arrive

We were all delighted when Caesar went off to his new home this week, but, of course, he was quickly replaced by another two greyhound-lurcher types.

Friday, 20th July 2018, 2:21 pm
Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels.

Speedy (as we have named him) is a beautiful, big, two-year-old tan and white greyhound. He appears to be a super boy who has walked well around the other dogs.

We don’t know much about him, except that he has raced recently so obvious care will need to be taken if he is to be off-lead.

Lacy is another beauty with similar colouring, smaller and more lurcher type, who is just over two. She gets on well with other dogs. She has suffered some separation anxiety, but her previous owners did not have the time to work with her on this.

We are looking for a home that will be around a lot, but will also be able to control leaving her for increasing periods of time.

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She has been as good as gold in kennels so has huge potential.

Two Jack Russel types looking for homes are two-year-old Buster and coming up six-year-old Kayleigh.

Buster is a lively boy, full of energy, who needs some lead training.

Kayleigh can be difficult and doesn’t like other dogs or children. She needs time to build the correct relationship with an owner.

We continue with beautiful cats in our cattery.

Nanuk is coming up to six years old, and is a stunning tabby and white girl, who although may be timid at first, has so much love to give.

We have two equally handsome solid tabbies in Clive and Heidi, who are into double figures. Both are very loving and they are looking for separate homes.

Sox is a big black and white boy who has been with us a while. He came in very heavy and as we have been unable to increase his exercise, he is a real couch potato. He is now on a radical diet.

A home that has lots of fields to roam will help with his weight-loss and leave to a healthier and happier cat.