An artist's view of nature

A guided tour is to take place at a north Northumberland beach as part of the artist in residency project in Berwick.

Sunday, 6th March 2016, 3:47 pm

Sander Van Raemdonck, Berwick Visual Arts’ current artist in residence, is inviting local people to take part in a guided tour of Spittal Point as part of his six-month residency in the town.

The residency in partnership with the Centre for Rural Economy at Newcastle University is enabling Sander to explore the notion of the ‘rural home’ by researching Berwick and Northumberland and its collective ideas about home, architecture and identity.

Spittal Point is of particular interest to the artist due to the proposed development of the site and its unique character as a plot of land in isolation, but also as part of the wider fabric of the town.

Sander said: “Being an artist in residence in the town and essentially a visitor, I hope to act as an open-minded host for the tour, and encourage those who come along to explore the site, its heritage, its issues and its opportunities.”

Sander is a sculptor and printmaker from Belgium whose work explores the contemporary built environment, looking at how we manage the space in which we live and how the friction between its plan-based design and hands-on transformation informs how we interact with the world.

He was appointed as the artist in residence in November last year and will finish the programme inApril.

An exhibition of the work produced by Sander during his residency programme will take place at The Granary Gallery in Berwick from Saturday, April 23, until Sunday, June 5.

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