Appeal for food to keep swans happy

Firstly, I must thank Elfie for stepping in at the last moment to write last week's jottings for me after extra family descended for the New Year.

Saturday, 13th January 2018, 2:49 pm
A swan was brought up from Newcastle. It had made a crash landing onto a wet car park which resulted in concussion and are very sore beak.

It has been very busy at the Rollo Centre over the Christmas holidays.

We currently have 38 hedgehogs in our care.

Fortunately, the 11 that are in pens outdoors have now all hibernated, although they do have to be checked on a daily basis.

Checks are done because it is not unusual for them to wake up and have a little snack before going back to sleep.

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We keep a bowl of dried food in each pen incase they do wake and need a snack. Generally, we only have to replace the snack bowls once a week.

There are another seven hogs in the big room, which is cold, and they, too, are more or less asleep. They also are on dried food.

The other 20 are being kept in warm rooms so they are all awake.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all of the kind folk who bring us canned food and mealworms for all the hedgehogs.

I would also like to thank all our sponsors, who really do make a difference with the costs of keeping all the hogs.

We still have three female hogs needing sponsors so if you are interested, please, give us a ring at the centre for details.

We have had three new arrivals this week.

A swan was brought up from Newcastle.

It had made a crash landing onto a wet car park, which resulted in concussion and a very sore beak.

It is not known if the bird mistook the wet tarmac for water or if it collided with power or other cables, which would have brought the bird down.

Its wounds were treated locally and it was given painkillers before it was brought up to us.

We will have to keep the bird for a couple of weeks to make sure no burns show up incase it did hit power lines.

We have another swan that came in a week or so ago that did hit power cables.

When it arrived there was singeing to one wing, but it can often take a couple of weeks for any serious damage to show.

Hopefully, the next few days will show that both of our swans are OK.

We also have a full pond at the moment, with 12 swans, and this is causing us problems (apart from cleaning and feeding in the freezing cold).

Due to the extra mouths to feed, we are now running out of grain, which had kindly been donated by Simpsons.

So we are appealing to anyone who has any grain they can spare to please help by giving us a donation.

We will be very grateful for anything you can donate. It doesn’t matter if it’s oats, barley or wheat.

At the moment we are having to buy mixed grain, which is proving to be expensive.

The birds are normally fed grain, brown bread and lettuce, with a sprinkling of mealworms on the pond.