Animal friends chip in with care duties

We had a great time at Cornhill Village Fair and many thanks to Lynda and her team for the excellent organisation.

Saturday, 11th August 2018, 12:10 pm
Berwick animal rescue kennels

On August 19 we are at Paxton House’s Summer Fair, with loads to do, boat trips and music.

There will be a Family Dog Show and we’d be delighted to see lots of ex-BARK dogs there. BARK is helping with the judging and The Pauline Gregory Trophy for Best in Show will be awarded.

Entry is £3 per child, £2 per adult (or by annual ground pass).

Oliva and Charlie are two kittens who came in from a farm environment. They are doing well and are improving every day. We are looking for individual homes, with people who have the time and patience to continue their confidence training.

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Leyla, five, is a pretty cat, white with touches of colour. She lives with Lola, but we think they would be happy to go their separate ways.

We have eight baby, white and brown rabbits looking for new homes shortly, three girls and five boys. The best option for them is to go in pairs. All our rabbits are neutered when old enough so there will be no extra mouths to feed.

We’ve all fallen for two-and-a-half-year-old Toby, a brindle boxer-cross-springer who came in for rehoming after his behaviour changed and he nipped. Sadly, Toby has a skin and ear problem that was causing him extreme discomfort and we think this may have contributed towards his unusual behaviour. Treatment is well under way, although he may need an operation, but what a love he is.

We were called on this week to help a litter of week-old kittens, without a mum. Fortunately, one of our mums, Chrystal, rose instantly to the challenge, gave them all a good clean and settled in to feed them and her kittens. She’s doing an amazing job and initial signs are good, with all kittens thriving.

Your support is vital to our work, but it’s good to see the animals are prepared to chip in and help too.