Angels for Europe will be in Berwick

The Northumberland group of anti-Brexit campaigners, Angels for Europe, took part in a rally for a People's Vote in London last weekend and they will be in Berwick on Saturday to get local opinion.

Friday, 26th October 2018, 10:19 am
Updated Friday, 26th October 2018, 11:13 am
Angels for Europe campaigners from Northumberland travelled to London for a People's Vote rally.

Members of Angels for Europe joined scores of others from the North East to march through London calling for a People’s Vote once the details of the final deal to leave the EU are known.

Nearly 700,000 people from all corners of the UK came together to make a noisy, good-natured march and rally. Politicians from nearly all political parties provided speakers in Parliament Square together with celebrities from different walks of life. Young people led the march followed by a huge flag waving crowd.

Angels carried their own banner bearing their slogans, ‘Rooted in Northumberland, Based in North East England and Integrated into Europe’.

They were amazed to be met by a woman who lives in Paris and who follows the Angels for Europe Facebook Page. She had come to London by Eurostar to join the march and to meet up with the group from Northumberland.

Peter Fuller travelled to London by train and explained why he joined the match.

“Two years ago 37% of the electorate voted to leave the EU, but one by one the promises made by the Leave campaign have been proved false,” he said. “There is total disarray within the negotiations and with five months to go we still do not know how the deal is going to affect the country.

“It is only right and democratic that the People get a vote on the final deal when we know what it will be. Then we can decide if that is what we really want for ourselves and our children.”

‘Angels’ will continue to campaign in the towns of Northumberland calling for a People’s Vote and asking for local opinion on Brexit. They gather the opinions of people and then send the results to the constituency MP.

On Saturday there will be stalls in Alnwick and Berwick when people will be asked their opinions on whether they think Brexit is going well, whether it will be good for jobs in their towns, whether it will be good for the NHS and whether the people should get a vote on the final deal. Both Leavers and Remainers will be encouraged to record their thoughts in a democratic way.