An uphill challenge is in prospect

After my moan last week, you may be pleased to hear that things are falling into place again and I'm feeling much chirpier.

Monday, 25th April 2016, 1:41 pm
Laura admits she was guilty of slowing down to get snaps of some picturesque views.

Whilst the weather still refuses to play nice, I have somehow mainly hit on relatively dry spells to get myself out and about pounding the pavements.

On those few occasions when I have got thoroughly soaking, I’ve been able to comfort myself with thoughts that a lovely hot shower is waiting for me on my return – bliss.

I’ve also been trying to mix things up a bit.

I’m continuing with my weekly swim – and pushing myself harder now that my fitness levels are creeping up.

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I’ve also started heading out for long(ish) distance walking.

I have a notion in my head that this will be the year I climb up Cheviot, not having done so since I was a small child, but so far the weather has been against me at my every attempt.

With a few friends, I have instead turned to the beautiful coastal routes so easily available to us.

I managed a thoroughly enjoyable walk from Burnhouse, out along St Abb’s Head, recently.

We were exceedingly lucky with the weather, although sadly, the sun had not been shining down long enough to dry up the mud underfoot. A lovely pair of socks, made by my mum, helped solve the problem though, together with appropriate footwear, of course.

It was glorious hiking along with the sun beating down on our backs.

Having lived away from Berwick for a number of years, I am now unerringly appreciative of what this area has to offer.

And I admit, I was guilty of slowing down the walk considerably by repeatedly stopping for a photo opportunity.

The mud did make things challenging in places, but my real nemesis were the hills – why I think walking up Cheviot is a good idea is beyond me when I can barely manage a small slope.

However, it is in the hills that I hope to gain the most cross-over benefit for my running.

I know I will eventually need to incorporate hill running into my training, but I can’t yet bring myself to do it.

Morag, my trainer with Step-bi-Step, has hinted that repeated trips up Bank Hill await me in the future, but for now, I’m trying to get my legs into uphill shape at a walking pace.

Even then, if anyone sees me struggling and would like to give me a push, I’d be very grateful for the assistance.

If instead of giving me a push uphill you would like to support my Great North Run fund-raising efforts, in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society, then you can donate online at