Ambulance crew praised by relieved parents

Paramedics have been praised by Berwick parents for safely delivering their new baby after he arrived unexpectedly fast.

Thursday, 28th April 2016, 8:36 am
Baby Carson at home in Prior after his exciting arrival to the world

Carson Robinson was born at home in Prior Park on Friday night - a year to the day after big sister Callie - just after paramedics arrived.

Mum Selina said: “I can’t thank the paramedics enough. They were both absolutely amazing. I dread to think what would have happened if they hadn’t got here so fast.”

She had been due to have the baby at the new Northumbria specialist hospital in Cramlington because she was classed ‘high risk’.

However, she was told not to come into the hospital until her contractions got closer together. Carson, however, had other ideas.

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“I started getting pains around 7am and just thought they were Braxton Hicks,” explained Selina, who was not due until yesterday.

“I phoned Berwick Maternity Unit but they told me they couldn’t do anything here because I was high risk but they told me to get in touch with Cramlington. I phoned my husband who was working in Glasgow and told him he’d better come home. At that point the contractions were nine minutes apart and getting painful.

“I phoned Cramlington who told me to wait until I was getting two contractions ever 10 minutes. Then at 6.30pm the pains got severe and my waters broke. Ben rang 999 and an ambulance arrived within five minutes.”

Eight minutes later, Carson came into the world at 7lb 3.5oz.

“The whole thing was a big fright,” said Selina. “Fortunately it all turned out okay but there’s always that question of ‘what if?’ when we’re so far away from Cramlington.”

It was also a big relief for Ben who joked: “I’ve had my first aid training but I was pleased to see the paramedics turn up in time!”

The ambulance crew who were just starting their shift were paramedic Gareth Collins and emergency care assistant Mark Brown.

Gareth, 42, said: “I think I’ve probably delivered 13 or 14 babies. What can you say, you’re bringing somebody into the world. It definitely makes my job worthwhile.”

For Mark, 47, it was his first delivery since joining the service in January.

He said “We didn’t really have time to think about it. We pulled up in the ambulance, got up the stairs and by the time we’d put our bags down, the baby was crowning. It was a great way to start our shift.”