Almost daily nightmare

A popular Berwick man, with his '˜finger on the pulse' when it comes to a vast knowledge of Berwick's problems, described on a Christmas card to me his prognosis for the town as 'bleak'.

Monday, 16th January 2017, 08:00 am

How true. Yet, despite the current chaos, by far too prolonged, Berwick still has a lot going for it and remedies could be carried out at little outlay.

A so-called ‘brainchild’ proceeded after a Highways committee meeting. A one-way system linking the local rail station to Castlegate is almost a daily nightmare to bus and taxi drivers, young children and the parents who accompany them from residences in Railway Street and Tweed Street.

A great many drivers, some totally bamboozled by signage, still drive along a short section of the one-way system by going the wrong way.

Only one pillar at the top of the rail station egress point has a circular ‘no right turn’ sign. One on the pillar on the opposite side of the road might make a vast difference as an indicator arrow, in direct field of vision, is most prominent.

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Sometimes excuses by the offenders beggar belief.

Eric Allen