All kinds of pets are seeking new homes

Andy, Laura, Mo and Charlotte are four feral kittens that have come in to us after mum was killed on the road.

Friday, 2nd September 2016, 10:50 am
Berwick animal rescue kennels

Let’s just say they’re a work in progress and we will be looking for the right homes for them in the future.

Two lovely young female cats are Misty and Bella, both petite due to having kittens far too young, and both friendly and affectionate, although Misty may be better in a house without other cats.

We also have two strapping boys, Strider and Spud, five and three respectively. These two are very loving and Strider dotes on big brother Spud. They have now been neutered and ideally we think they should go together, but for the right home we may consider separating them.

Charlie #2 recently had a wash and brush up thanks to Doggy Styles. He looks so much better. He is a Yorkshire Terrier type. He does have some possessive issues, but has such a sweet side, the right home will be out there for him somewhere.

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We have quite a few collies looking for the right new homes. All have their individual needs so if you are interested do give us a call.

Lurchers and staffies always take a long time to re-home, which is unfair because they have super natures.

Millie and Archie, the staffies, are 10 years old, and although Millie can be well behaved around other dogs, Archie prefers to be very much an only dog.

Peggy is a four-year-old lurcher who has lived with dogs, children and cats, although she has been a bit, let’s say, over enthusiastic around the dogs in kennels. We have Buddy, a youngster at just over one and a deerhound cross with a beautiful biscuit coat.

We have a few, nearly all male, guineas looking for homes, with some more babies ready in a couple of weeks, male and female).

The rabbit brothers, Dick and Timmy, are very friendly and still looking for a home together.

Thank you to everyone who contributed towards making our Dog Show such a success. A great day was had by all.