Agree with the councillors

The comments by Coun Anne Forbes on the Pets at Home application for further signage was, to the delight of many, high profile and well aimed, (Berwick Advertiser, December 28).

Friday, 12th January 2018, 12:00 pm

‘That thing’ at the Tweedmouth end of the Royal Tweed Bridge has been described as “a tank blockade”, “Polish Prison” and, using the comment several years ago by HRH Prince Charles on the opening of another building in the South of England, “a rather large carbunkle” – all three descriptions, to say the least, are an insult.

Two visitors to my home over the festive period commented on the building in question by calling it “a blot on the landscape”, amongst other things.

They did, however, remark on the lovely light and tree display by Berwick Rotary Group. Eileen Baites said: “There really could be light at the end of the tunnel for Berwick, which has undergone far too many changes.”

The tree at The Guildhall entrance has been described a “scrawny apology to Christmas trees”. Eileen’s father-in-law was a watch officer at the Fife Ness Coastguard Station, which at that time served Berwick’s area. Husband Nick stated: “He always loved his infrequent visits to see you. We were fascinated by Ye Olde Worlde way in which the town was run; sadly, it seems no more.” How true.

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The forthright comments over education by Coun Georgina Hill were appreciated by many, (Berwick Advertiser, December 21).

Personally, I agree with Coun Hill, who in the past has been much maligned for her request for more transparency.

I believe that, by far, Berwick’s decline has been much accelerated since the change to a unitary authority. The ‘Auld Toon’ has been left in the sticks, in a form of limbo.

On the question of ‘twinning’, a Berwick family living overseas, said: “Totally out of the equation. Berwick is currently twinned with Berwick USA, Sarpsborg and Berwick Australia. What on earth do the civic heads want, another League of Nations?”

Eric Allen