Add more restrictions

Last Wednesday morning I found dog poo on the prom at Spittal, the sort of occurrence which causes outrage and distress to local residents and visitors alike.

Saturday, 2nd April 2016, 12:00 pm

The minority of dog walkers who are irresponsible make it so hard to promote our lovely town to outsiders and spoil life for us residents too.

It looks like we need to move towards further restrictions, with dogs on leads at all times on the pavements, and the promenade especially.

We recently encountered someone who thought it was acceptable to have his dogs inside the children’s play area in Spittal.

Let’s have some prosecutions to target this problem, cameras at the ready.

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Those who arrive in Spittal and let their dogs rush off out of their immediate control are the problem. There is no sign of leads anywhere, and dog poo is not likely to be seen and dealt with properly.

Hopefully, all the very responsible dog walkers will take the lead on this.

I’m also fed-up lifting up dog poo left on the prom.

I know whose noses should be rubbed in it, and it’s not the dogs’.

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