ACADEMY: We're proud of our school

We, as the Sixth Form of Berwick Academy, are greatly disheartened by the current situation involving the school.

Thursday, 21st December 2017, 5:22 am

Negative comments are having a significant effect upon student and staff morale, and yet it seemingly does not hinder enthusiasm and passion.

As students within the school, we believe that in the time that we have been in attendance there has been steady improvement in various areas, including teacher retention, student satisfaction and lesson quality.

Teachers work extremely hard to support students, not least with after-school and holiday additional learning and revision sessions.

Support and time that we receive as students is unparalleled in other schools, and helps create a brilliant environment where we can continue with our education.

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As a Sixth Form, we are very thankful for the passion and commitment that all staff have.

However, by no means are we saying that the school is perfect.

We are disappointed in the behaviour of certain members of the school community.

Some lack the passionate learning attitude that is seen in most areas of the school, and therefore do not accept the support and opportunities offered. This causes disruption in lessons.

If the willingness of some students increased, then we feel there would be a significant improvement within the school, resulting in less disruption.

We feel that the effect of the perceptions of the school can’t be separated from this unwillingness and its consequences.

This is why we feel that it is important that the school community and wider community work together to form a balanced opinion and find a solution to and overcome the current negativity surrounding the school.

Dismayed by the suppression of our opinions, we feel the importance of working together more than most.

We are proud of our school and look forward to being part of the alumni that now attend a wide range of further education facilities, including Oxford and other Russel Group universities, and hold respectable positions within the community, such as Mayor of Berwick.

Berwick Academy Sixth Form Students