A visit is well worthwhile

When reading that Berwick's Coronation Park and Castle Vale Park achieved Green Flag Awards (Berwick Advertiser, July 19), I was delighted for park officer Kate Dickson and the volunteers of the park.

Sunday, 5th August 2018, 09:00 am

They need to be congratulated, having put in hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into these two parks over the years, to reach the standard for recognition.

I decided to go along as it has been quite a while since I visited the parks.

Coronation Park was an eye-opening experience. The wild flower area and the beautiful sculpture carvings of animals were truly fantastic.

Sitting in the shelter admiring the scenery, listening to birds having a conversation, it turned out to be a pleasant seat.

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Castle Vale Park, with its amazing carving of a bear at the entrance leading down to the lily pond, was special. The mixture of plants with an array of colour was interesting.

And looking over the viewing point at the magnificent iconic railway bridge with the River Tweed as a backdrop, I felt proud to be living in Berwick.

If you haven’t visited these parks, it would be a worthwhile visit.

As the sun was going down, I decided to walk down to the river. To my astonishment I noticed a stream of builders’ rubble tipped on the right side of the steps going down on the embankment, destroying the lush, green carpet of ivy.

What about the harm to the wildlife? Why scar the environment?

It is absolutely bewildering.

Alex Gibson