A very happy ending for Amber the lost cat

Sadly, it looks like a fair few animals will be spending Christmas and New Year with us.

Sunday, 23rd December 2018, 3:00 pm
Berwick animal rescue kennels

However, they are the lucky ones. They will be warm, fed, loved and get extra treats and loads of presents over the holiday period. Although none of the animals have spent a Christmas with us before, we’re sure they know what’s going on. The Christmas stockings are up and thanks to the generosity of our supporters they are filling up very quickly and all will be spoilt.

We had the most amazing thing happen this week. Back on November 1 an old cat was found. After being checked by the vet, who could only say she was old, in poor condition and possibly might have an underlying illness, she came into BARK.

She did look very sad, her coat was ungroomed, had fleas and for a short-haired cat her coat was extremely matted and her eyes and coat were dull. She was painfully thin and had clearly been living rough for some time.

We tucked her up in a warm, comfy bed, wormed, flead her, started regular grooming and gave her lots of tasty food. We named her Rose and over the next month she blossomed.

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She’s put on weight, her coat has got a shine and her eyes are bright. She is enthusiastic about life and always ready for a chat, so we put her up for rehoming.

Being an old cat she got little interest, but was happy with us. Then last week we got an unexpected phone call, followed by an email with pictures of a 16-year-old cat called Amber.

Amber, who had been missing since August, turned out to be none other than our beautiful Rose, identifiable by a nick on her ear.

A very happy reunion was had with hardly a dry eye in the kennels. Although it was happy ending, it serves as a reminder that it’s well worth microchipping pets.

Although our kennels don’t open until January 5, our shop is open over the festive period, shutting on December 24, at 1pm, reopening on December 27, shutting at 1pm on December 31, opening January 3.