A record year for hedgehog guests

It's me, Pat, writing again at last.

Friday, 17th November 2017, 3:00 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:11 pm
Proggie Rug

I must thank Elfie for covering the last few weeks for me. I feel that, at last, I am on the mend.

Unfortunately, I am not very up to date with what has been going on at the Rollo Centre during my absence as some casualties have come in, been treated and then been released in the nearly five weeks since I’ve been off.

I do know, however, that we have more small, underweight hedgehogs this year than we have ever had before.

Three more came in during the last 24 hours.

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This means that we have plenty waiting to be sponsored. Why not think about giving a sponsorship as a Christmas present? Just telephone the Rollo Centre for details on 01289 302882, or call into the centre during the morning and choose the hog you want to sponsor.

Remember that you need to have a name handy so we can register the hog to you.

Each hedgehog eats three cans of dog food a week, plus a small bag of dried mealworms, so it helps a great deal with the costs if we can get the sponsorships going.

There may be up to 30 hogs with us this winter – that’s a lot of dog food.

Whilst trying to look after all these hedgehogs, we are still busy preparing for our Christmas Fair on Saturday, December 2, which takes place at Berwick Baptist Church Hall in Golden Square.

We shall have a huge tombola, wine or water, and crafts on sale. I think Elfie is doing some of her lovely handmade glass items, which are always a big hit.

The cake and candy stall is also a favourite.

We shall also be selling raffle tickets for our Christmas Raffle, but the tickets will not be drawn until Monday, December 18.

We had a wonderful surprise this week when Pat Gallet arrived with a lovely ‘proggie’ rug to be included in the raffle. I took a photograph of it (see right), but it doesn’t do it justice.

It must have taken hours and hours of work and is a super prize. Many thanks, Pat.

The cygnets are all doing ok, except one, which has been with us for some time. We were giving it time to see if it would improve.

Its balance is still not good and it has to be kept off the pond as it can’t stabilise itself on the water. We shall get the vet to check it out again this week as it has shown no sign of improvement. Sadly, it may be time to put the poor bird to sleep.

The ringer came out to ring the buzzard, which has come on leaps and bounds since it came in with a head injury.

It is flying very well in the big aviary and the ringer confirmed it was a good, strong bird now, so in the next few days this bird will be released back to where he was found.

Dick has just gone off to try to catch a heron, which has some sort of line wrapped around its beak.

The trouble is the bird is still strong enough to fly so it won’t be easy, but I promise I will let you know the outcome next time.