A new home at last for a long time friend

Yesterday saw Buzz, our longest ever '˜guest', finally go off to his new home 1,616 days after he came in.

Friday, 29th April 2016, 12:43 pm
Buzz. Picture by Graham Bell Photography

Buzz originally came in as a stray, left behind after some, let’s just say, illegal activity.

He just never got a look in when it came to being offered a new home.

His face had a few scars, he was black, missing his tail, and just wasn’t a ‘pretty’ dog. He wasn’t able to be let off the lead because of his history.

All this added up to being overlooked time and time again.

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In all those days we can count on one hand the people that showed a genuine interest in rehoming Buzz.

We knew that day would come though, and finally he is away to his new home.

Some would be critical of having a dog in kennels for so long, but Buzz was genuinely content and happy in kennels.

In the early days we had trouble finding a food that suited his tummy. He lost a bit of weight, but eventually we got there, and for a very long time he has been an ideal weight, with a shiny coat and bright eyes.

He loved to take his blanket outside and sunbathe, even when there wasn’t even any sun.

It has been our privilege to have known Buzz for so long and be part of his journey, but if you don’t mind Buzz, just come back for visits.

Marley will be five in November and is a super black Labrador. He will love a bit of extra training, walks on the beach and an energetic family. He has previously lived with children.

Billy is a similar age and a beagle-staffie cross. Billy is very misunderstood. He loves his people and is so affectionate and loving and desperate to please. He can be unpredictable around other dogs so is best kept on lead, but we find him easy to handle.

He’s a great walker and loves carrying something in his mouth.

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