11 reasons to question vote

I have just heard our Prime Minister say that we shouldn't question the legitimacy of the EU Referendum.

Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 9:00 am

Here are 11 reasons why it is not only legitimate to question the referendum, but also essential to do so for the continuation of a worthwhile democracy.

1) The referendum was called for party, not national reasons.

2) It was advisory. Only afterwards did the Government decide it was a mandate to Leave and to do so in a particularly ‘hard Brexit’ manner, regardless of price.

3) Three (largely Remain) groups were not allowed to vote.

4) Both sides were led by Conservatives who I believe have never understood the EU or how we now have to share control in our increasingly interlocked world.

5) Both sides appeared to try to manipulate us and failed to prepare for the outcome (shades of Iraq).

6) Leave won by a narrow margin and with a smaller proportion of the vote than Tories demand in votes to validate strike action.

7) Every campaign assurance given by the winning side (NHS money, 70million Turks, etc) has been dropped.

8) The Leave campaigns have been judged to have broken the law.

9) Some 17million people voted to Leave; 30million didn’t. The concerns of both groups are largely ignored while the Government’s resources are poured into Brexit.

10) Nevertheless, the referendum result has been respected. Top ministers were hard Brexisteers. Thousands of civil servants have been recruited. The Government has tried to prevent any ‘interfering’ scrutiny by the courts, parliament or the general public – not always successfully. How much more respect for the referendum must we have? For how much longer?

11) Over two years later, it is now admitted by leading Brexisteers and Theresa May that the UK is already worse off, and will be more so for some time, and that we’ll have to wait for Brexit benefits, if any, for 50 years.

And I haven’t even started on the non-economic price.

An illegitimate referendum at an exorbitant price. Reverse it.

Peter Watts