Plans lodged with council for BMX track in Eyemouth

Eyemouth Community Council has unveiled new plans for a BMX track for teenagers and school pupils.

Wednesday, 15th May 2019, 15:10 pm
The site of the proposed BMX track.

It has applied for planning permission to build a BMX dirt track on land to the south of the allotments on Gunsgreen Industrial Estate.

The application, which is being driven by the community organisation, Eyemouth Enhancement Group, will see a main shelter and an ever-changing dirt track installed, which will continually be reshaped by Eyemouth High School pupils.

Volunteers currently run the group, which meets with a core group of 12 to 17-year-olds every Wednesday to discuss the direction of the project.

A design statement accompanying the application to Scottish Borders Council reads: “The BMX track design chosen by the high school children is a ‘dirt track’.

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“This is an ever-changing track with jumps, with each jump made for only a few weeks then changed to suit the ability of the students.

“A basic track layout will be used to start with to give them the opportunity to learn and grow the track.

“The jumps average 2ft tall and are basically humps of soil, and each shape of jump has a different name and style.”

The Eyemouth Enhancement Group will also be running a competition to design some of the site and encourage young people to get involved.

The style and height of the jumps, and the layout of the track, will be agreed by the group of children from Eyemouth High School.

The design statement also says that the track will start small and gradually build in size: “It is expected to take a number of years for the site to grow to a substantial size covering the entire site, and different smaller areas for younger children will be allocated to keep smaller kids safe.

“It will start with small jumps and grow organically. This is learning through play for teenagers on a large scale, overseen by the community council.”

The cost of building a shelter has been met by donations from the community and local businesses, and Eyemouth Community Council will meet the cost of insurance.

Berwickshire Housing Association will be donating the dirt needed to construct the track, although at present it is being tested for contamination.