Dogs provide stress relief to students

Dogs have been helping Year 6 pupils at Tweedmouth Middle School to get through their SATS exams.

Thursday, 16th May 2019, 10:18 am
Bertie with pupils at Tweedmouth Middle School.
Bertie with pupils at Tweedmouth Middle School.

Teacher Haley Garland’s four dogs, including Bertie (pictured), have been taking it in turns each day to welcome pupils in the morning and sit with them during the tests, creating a more relaxed atmosphere and helping the pupils to feel less stressed about the assessments.

Pupils say that having the dogs in the room makes them feel less anxious, and the subtle snore of a bulldog has a calming effect when they are tackling tricky questions.

Archie and Ruby have had their turns and Snoggi will be in today.