VIDEO: Sue Hewitt reads from her debut novel

Author Sue Hewitt with her Duddo based book "The Cunning Woman's Cup"

Author Sue Hewitt with her Duddo based book "The Cunning Woman's Cup"

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The stone circle at Duddo is the setting for a debut novel that has sprung from over twenty years of walks in north Northumberland.

‘The Cunning Woman’s Cup’, set in the countryside around the atmospheric Bronze Age stone circle, is the first literary effort from Sue Hewitt, who moved to the area from Kent two decades ago.

“I used to be quite disingenuous when people asked what the book was about,” said Sue. “Really it’s about things like faith, growing old, and especially about female companionship. That’s becoming more and more important to me as I get older myself.”

Sue said that she had the story “lying around in a drawer, and on a few disks, for years,” before taking the plunge into self publishing.

The tale recounts the goings-on when Alice McCleish’s gardener Brian unearths an object of great archaeological significance deep under a Duddo compost heap.

As Sue says: “It’s not only Alice and her burgeoning friendship with Margaret Allerton, retired Professor of Anthropology, that are affected: the family, friends and neighbours of Alice, who people the narrative, are also touched by subsequent events.”

The novel is available to download from Amazon.

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