Skiers and snowboarders slope off for more fun at wintry Wooler



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THE wintry weather which hit the region at the weekend meant the postponement of most sporting fixtures and activities.

But for the second weekend running one organisation was able to take advantage of the white-out conditions - Wooler Ski Club.

They had not been able to use the slopes around Glendale for the past five years.

After members from as far afield as Berwick and Bedlington enjoyed a bit of white stuff the week before, another wintry forecast meant they were again clapping their hands.

As Saturday dawned it became evident that despite another heavy fall of snow, most of it had missed the slopes themselves, but this did not deter the members who again turned out in force.

One of the organisers, Mike Allport said: “Once again the tow was pulling skiers ranging from the pre-teens to their late sixties up the hill.

“We even had queues for the tow at one point.

“The spare tow performed well pulling up to five skiers up the hill at any one time.

“Although heavy snow had been forecast over Friday night little of it hit the slope the club was using.

“The day started bright and slowly warmed up towards the afternoon; warm is a relative term as it only reached just over 3 oC.

“The frosted crust was slowly bashed down by both skiers and snow boarders as the day went on.

“One parent said ‘where else could his children go riding in the morning and then come and enjoy the afternoon on skis?’

Mike said it was interesting to note that the majority of people in attendance were on snowboards.

It was suggested by one of the skiers that using a pair of skis was becoming old hat and the way to go was to put on a snowboard.

He then suggested that part of the attraction was that snowboarding was easier to learn, but continued to say that he was a committed skier and he thought transferring to a board would be too difficult!

Technology came to the slope via David Edwards placing a camera on his snowboard. His efforts and those of others can be seen on the Facebook page

Stuart Arkle must be thanked for creating the page and it already has attracted a lot of interest. All future notices will appear on the page.

After a full day’s activity, the club called ‘time’ just before 4pm having decided that in view of the forecast for later that night, which was predicting heavy rain, there would probably be no skiing the following day.

Rain failed to materialise, but there was a thaw and by Sunday the slopes were in poor condition with the grass starting to show through.

“When conditions are like this it can cause problems for skiers,” said Mike, “and has been known to cause injury.

“There was no skiing at all on Sunday, which was probably the right decision. We have had two good weekends - our first in a long time - and whilst most people will probably be glad to see the back of all the snow, we are looking forward to hopefully having some more soon.”

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