Locals shame the council

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I have lived in Spittal for a good few years with a great view of the Prom and have watched a gentleman in his 80s walk the Prom every morning.

Over the last few weeks, he has been carrying a brush and spade in order to clear the weeds and sand from this lovely walkway.

I also know of another gentleman, also in his 80s, who a few months ago stripped down, repaired and painted the seating in Seafield Park, doing a great job.

We also have a resident who, every Monday morning, can be seen walking the Prom picking up litter.

A number of other caring residents of the area – I am sure other areas have the same – also do various cleaning/tidying jobs, picking up dog mess etc, in an attempt to keep this first-class facility in a presentable state.

I feel our council should hang its head in shame.

Mrs W Darling

Grove Gardens South


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