Berwick in its worst condition for years

Alex Gibson has a number of concerns he has regarding disrepair around the town.

Alex Gibson has a number of concerns he has regarding disrepair around the town.

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When travelling around Berwick, Tweedmouth and Spittal, I am absolutely amazed at the shoddy conditions of these areas and I am afraid to say that Northumberland County Council are responsible for about 70% of these conditions.

I have lived in Berwick for over 60 years. This must be one of the worst conditions I have seen it in for many a year and I am not proud of what I see.

Seagulls have made a mess of Berwick's streets.

Seagulls have made a mess of Berwick's streets.

This year for the first time Northumberland County Council have left the grass uncut on small embankments going up Spittal Hall Road and around the Billendean football pitch. There are also large sections of uncut grass in other places. The area looks shoddy.

There are other county council responsibilities that need to be looked at such as the public toilets at the back of Spittal Pavilion (they stink), there are dead trees that need to be cut down, weeds growing on paths and in the gutters. All they need is regular weed killing.

In addition, the paths need to be edged as the grass has overgrown about 12 inches either side, shrub beds need weeding and maintained, hedges need to be trimmed, potholes need to be filled, sections of car park need to be resurfaced. The list goes on and on.

I can’t blame the workforce at Berwick depot for they are stretched to the limit and they have a large area to cover.

I blame the county council at Morpeth with their cutbacks. It is not working. We pay our taxes and the residents would like to see an improvement as our taxes go up each year. We would like value for that payment.

Last Thursday I spoke to Andy Rutherford, head of highways and neighbourhood services, about the flood gates for the West End and he said it had been given the green light. He mentioned the flap valves have been restored and that Northumbria Water was also involved. That’s good news.

I mentioned the lack of grass cutting and the other things I’ve written about and he said he would look into these complaints. I said that if they are not putting men on these small embankments to cut the grass there is machinery that is capable of doing the job to which he agreed.

I know the county council are in charge of play areas but Berwick Town Council are hoping to take control and revamp them all shortly.

I know residents raise concerns at Berwick Town Council meetings and they keep being told it is county’s problem. That is not the answer they are looking for and it’s frustrating. If it is county’s problem you need to go to your county councillor.

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