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Each year in the UK 28,000 women die from heart attacks.

That is 77 on average per day, or three every hour. One in four die of heart and circulatory disease.

But with your help, the fight against heart disease is in the bag.

During September we are asking you to donate any unwanted items to our shop at 63 Marygate in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Each bag you donate is worth on average £8 so think what a difference that could make.

The money we raise will fund vital research into heart disease so that we can reduce the odds of women in the future dying of heart attacks.

So let’s do it for our daughters, our granddaughters and their children.

Grab a bag and fill it with books, CDs/DVDs, shoes, handbags, toys and clothing – one item or 20, it all makes a difference.

We offer a free collection service so give us a ring on 01289 332198 and we will be happy to come and collect your lovely things, or pop into the shop with them if you prefer.

We have set ourselves a target of receiving 217 bags per week so please help us smash our target and smash heart disease for our future loved ones.

Debbie Calder


British Heart Foundation

Berwick-upon-Tweed Shop

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