Town council’s new resolution

The following resolution, item 6 on the agenda, was passed by five votes to three, with four councillors abstaining, at an extraordinary meeting of Berwick Town Council on Monday, December 2, 2013.


To consider the following resolution proposed by Councillor Gavin Jones:

The Town Council officers and/or Committee Chairs will not enter into further correspondence relating to requests for reviews, enquiries, investigations or similar (except in relation to requests under the Freedom of Information Act).

Any further correspondence from councillors requesting reviews, enquiries, investigations or similar must be directed by members and officers to the Staffing Sub-Committee for consideration.

The Staffing Sub-Committee may, by majority decision, reject any correspondence from a member which they consider to be spurious or vexatious; the Staffing Sub-Committee may also reject correspondence if there has been more than one request in a 30-day period, on a single subject matter, from that member.

The Staffing Sub-Committee’s decision will be final.




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