Railway station gets £100,000 investment

A £100,000 investment by train operator East Coast in facilities at Berwick railway station should be finished early in the new year.

A new travel centre opened last month and work is nearing completion on a new station management centre and customer information point.

Sam Livesey, station operations manager, said: “It’s excellent news for passengers using Berwick station.”

The refurbished travel centre features a new counter designed to be as accessible to as many passengers as possible, positioned at the optimal height for customers and staff alike.

“The travel centres have been refurbished along the whole of the East Coast route,” said Mr Livesey.

However, Berwick is the only station to be getting a new station management centre, customer information point and passenger assistance room.

It has been created from an old store room between the two platforms.

“It’s something we’ve been hoping to get for about eight years so we’re very pleased,” said Mr Livesey.

“The old room used by both staff and passengers had limited space whereas the new room will be much bigger and brighter and a much more pleasant place to be.

“It will have a dedicated staff area, similar to the travel centre, with a front desk where customers can come in.

“They will be able to access information services and see arrival and departure boards too,” he added.

“The old store room was a bit of a wasted space really, although the cleaners used it. We were able to throw out a lot of the stuff that had been in there.

“When the work on the new space is completed and the staff move in, we’ll be able to turn our attention to their old management centre and sort that out.”

A new addition this week is a huge print of the lights on Berwick’s Royal Border Bridge which greets passengers making enquiries.

The photograph was taken by Newcastle-based rail guard Mark Salvona and also features on the front cover of East Coast’s 2014 calendar (see our Picture of the Week on Page 22).

Mark said: “I’m absolutely delighted. The hardest part was choosing which photo to submit as I took hundreds on the night.

“I didn’t actually know the colours changed on the bridge. The conditions on the night were perfectly clear and still but it was so cold.”

The calendar is being sold to raise money for the Railway Children charity, which supports homeless young people in and around railway stations.

East Coast train and station staff submitted photographs for a competition to find a photo for each month of the calendar: Mark’s picture of the Royal Border Bridge was then chosen by staff in a further poll to choose their favourite image to appear on the front cover.




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