Prior Park residents urged to have say on speed bumps

Speedbumps traffic calming in Prior Park

Speedbumps traffic calming in Prior Park

Prior Park residents are calling on Northumberland County Council to review the use of speed humps on the estate.

The council is currently investigating traffic calming measures at Prior, but there has been some confusion about the consultation, which originally only covered a section of the road on Dean Drive.

Councillor Isabel Hunter, who represents Berwick West with Ord, said: “Residents have been asking for something to be done about these speed humps for months. The residents’ association has been very active and I have been door to door asking residents what they think, with nearly every one signing my petition to say they wanted a consultation.”

She added: “I will keep up the pressure to try and get the whole estate done. The roads have been in a bad way for some time and the people of Prior deserve some action.”

Coun Hunter has also raised concerns about the consultation letter, which includes a response slip for residents to fill in with check boxes for four options.

However, she says the response slip doesn’t actually include any information on the four options, and the letter itself is unclear. In addition, Dean Drive is misspelt as ‘Dene Drive’, an oversight Councillor Hunter criticised as “sloppy”.

Coun Hunter added: “Now that we have a consultation I hope residents won’t be put off by the ‘officer-speak’ the letter is written in and will respond, especially as the letter says that the action the council takes will be based on what residents say.

“Option 4 would get rid of the traffic-calming measures entirely and the council would then put up 20mph signs to make sure drivers are aware of the limit and stick to it.

“In options 1-3 the council is only proposing to replace the old speed humps and chicanes with new ones of the same type. In another year or two, when the replacements had deteriorated, we’d be right back where we are now.”

A spokesperson for Northumberland County Council said: “This is a full and open consultation on the future of the traffic calming measures. It was agreed at the last north area committee that everyone on the estate should be consulted on the issue and this is what we have done.”

She added: “We apologise if residents found the documentation confusing at all – and would encourage them to give us a call if they want to discuss it or clarify anything. The options numbered one to four on the response form equate to the options numbered one to four on the letter.”




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