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Council officials will be out and about in Northumberland over the coming weeks to collect outstanding electoral registration forms.

Northumberland residents could miss out on their chance to vote in the next election in May 2014 if they do not register to vote.

Northumberland County Council distributed 150,000 electoral registration forms to homes in the county in October and reminded households in November, but almost 35,000 have yet to be returned. Council officials will be visiting households that have not yet responded 
Andy Thom, chief legal officer at Northumberland County Council said: “The new electoral register will be published in February and only people who are on it will be able to vote. People who are not on the register may also have difficulty obtaining credit or making other financial arrangements.

“Our canvassers will be wearing fluorescent tabards with the council logo on and will be carrying identification to confirm they are working on behalf of the council. They will also be on hand to help residents complete the paperwork if they need assistance.”
If your details have not changed and the form is correct, then the easiest way to register is by telephone, online, or by SMS text. Each electoral registration form has a unique security code, which allows the householder to use internet (www.ElectorRegistration.co.uk/northumberland) or freephone (0808 284 1456) or Text 07786 209356 to confirm their details have not changed.

If you have any queries ring 01670 624811.




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