‘Before Esther came I could not go out when on my own’

Susan Fulton from Lowick was partnered with assistance dog Esther in May

Susan Fulton from Lowick was partnered with assistance dog Esther in May

A Lowick woman is urging the community to give its stamp of approval to the dog charity that she says has transformed her life.

Following a spinal injury Susan Fulton’s life was limited, until Canine Partners stepped in.

Canine Partners is a national charity that trains assistance dogs to support people with disabilities. The dogs are trained to help with everyday tasks such as loading washing machines, opening doors, supermarket shopping, and in some cases getting help in an emergency.

Susan, 49, was partnered with poodle Esther in May this year. She said: “Before Esther came I could not go out, even into our garden, when on my own but now I can as she is my safety net. If I need them Esther will find and bringing my medication and telephone out to me so that I can take morphine and get help when I am in trouble.”

Esther has also helped to improved social aspects of Susan’s life. “With staying at home I had not been able to socialise much but I now talk to so many people,” Susan said. “They speak to me to find out more about Esther as she wears an assistance dog tabard. It is wonderful to chat to people!”

Now Susan is urging people in the community to donate their unwanted stamps, so Canine Partners can help transform the life of someone else with disabilities. The stamp appeal has already helped an assistance dog on his way through training.

Canine Partners’ Julie Graham explained: “The value of the appeal cannot be understated. It has already raised enough to purchase puppy Pat and pay for all his equipment and insurance, food and vet bills for his first year.

“We have already raised more than £4000 from the kindness of people who have sent us the stamps that drop through their door each day. What we’d really love to do is get Pat all the way through his advanced training, but we need help to do that.”

All kinds of stamps are welcomed, still on the envelope or not. There should be no more than a 5mm single thickness border around them and perforations should not be damaged. Stamps can be sent to: Canine Partners Stamp Appeal, PO Box 638, Fareham, Hampshire, PO14 9JJ.




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