Young Maddie proves that she’s a real Little Princess

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A Berwick schoolgirl has undergone a transformation worthy of her favourite princess, and all in the name of charity.

Maddie Ferrell, aged six, has had her hair cut off to help other young children suffering hair loss through cancer treatment.

Mum Julia said that Maddie first had the idea a year ago when she saw another little girl doing the same on ‘This Morning’.

“She forgot about it for a while,” Julia said, “then it popped back in her head about a week ago.

“I can’t say that me or her dad was very sure about it, but she’s a very strong willed girl!

“We asked her every day if she wanted to through with this and she just never wavered.”

She had 12 inches of her blond ponytail taken off - the minimum donation is seven inches - by hairdresser Ashleigh Affleck at Saints, on Church Road, Berwick, on Thursday, August 14.

So far she has raised over £500,which she will be donating to the Little Princess Trust.

“That’s an amazing amount,” said mum Julia.

“We didn’t set a target or anything, because I thought that we’d only raise a few pounds. This is amazing.”

The Little Princess Trust is a charity that provides real-hair wigs to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland who have sadly lost their own through their cancer treatment.

The trust was recently awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.

The award was presented to the Little Princess Trust by her majesty the Queen herself, in recognition of its excellence in voluntary activities carried out by local community groups.

To find out more about The Little Princess Trust and to donate, you can head to Maddie’s fundraising page online at www.

There you can keep track of Maddie’s fundraising efforts and read her reasons for giving up her ponytail. under the slogan: “Donate your money, and I will donate my hair!”

Maddie, who will be going into Class Two at Prior Park School in September, said that she drew inspiration from her favourite princess with long flowing hair, Rapunzel.

And she seems to have caught something of the fundraising bug.

When asked what she intends to do now, young Maddie said immediately that she wanted to grow her hair back - so that she can get is cut off and raise money all over again.




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