Woman injured in Seahouses cliffs fall

A rescue helicopter at Seahouses

A rescue helicopter at Seahouses

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A woman was critically injured after falling from cliffs near Seahouses golf course on Sunday evening.

The accident happened around 8.30pm with police, coastguard, paramedics, lifeboat and fire crews called to the scene.

The inshore lifeboat made its way directly to the scene where the crew went ashore to assist the other rescue personnel at the scene. Other lifeboat personnel went to the scene aboard the station Landrover, and made their way to the scene on foot.

Paramedics attempted to stabilise the casualty, and prepare her for being transported by stretcher. Her injuries were described as critical/life threatening.

The casualty was then carried over the rocks onto the sand and the awaiting RAF Boulmer rescue helicopter which had landed 150 metres away. The casualty was then flown to the RVI Trauma Centre at Newcastle.

The RNLI have no further information, and the police are investigating the circumstances of the incident.

Seahouses inshore lifeboat was in the process of returning to station when it suffered engine failure, possibly due to picking up some debris while operating in shallow water, which blocked the cooling system. The crew informed the Coastguard, and Seahouses all weather Lifeboat was launched and towed the inshore lifeboat back to Seahouses for repairs. It was not possible to rectify the situation, so the inshore lifeboat was placed off service till the following morning when a replacement engine was delivered by RNLI Technical Support. The inshore boat was put back on service once the engine was changed and tested.

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