Wilson’s Tales presentation arranged for town hall

Lindisfarne print

Lindisfarne print

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The Wilson’s Tales project has announced its first event for 2014, bringing the collection of 19th century stories and ballads to modern audiences.

There will be two principal presentations at the event in Berwick’s town hall on March 30.

Firstly, local artist Morag Eaton’s interpretation through screen prints of “The Red Hall; Berwick 1296”, which tells one of the earliest tales in the collection. It covers the siege and sacking of Berwick by King Edward I.

The first of Morag’s prints showing the arrival of the English Fleet coming round Lindisfarne has already been completed and she will give a talk on her work, the tale and her interpretation. March 30 has been deliberately chosen as it coincides with the anniversary of the fall of Berwick 718 years ago.

The second presentation will be of the tale “The Royal Raid”, which deals with King James V attempts to bring the Border Reivers under control and order to the lawless “Debatable Lands”. This will be presented as an adaption as a short play by retired doctor Michael Fenty from Coldingham. He wrote three plays based on the tales some years ago but never produced them.

The ballad “The Border Widow” will be sung at the end of the event.

The event is being jointly presented with the Berwick 900 project and Joe Lang will update on its progress.

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