Wheelbarrow needs a home

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Berwick Inner Wheel Club has bought an iron wheelbarrow planter - but can’t find anywhere to put it.

The club’s request to put it on the Morrison’s roundabout was turned down by Berwick Town Council in June.

However, the club is confused by the council’s stance and is now seeking clarification.

A club spokesman said: “Before we bought the wheelbarrow we checked with county highways and planning to check it was okay to put it at the Morrison’s roundabout.

“They had no objections so we went out and spent quite a lot of money on it and now we’re stuck with it. That roundabout has not been terribly well kept and we just thought this would be a nice idea.”

The town council, which would cover the costs of maintaining it, has expressed concerns about the safety of neighbourhood services staff carrying out watering tasks.

Instead, members suggested the wheelbarrow could be placed next to the Welcome to Berwick sign on North Road where it would still be prominent at the northern entry to the town.

Councillor Alan Turnbull, chairing the environment and regeneration committee meeting, said: “We had no objections to the siting of the wheelbarrow in that part of town, it was just the complications of having to water it when it’s in the middle of a roundabout.”

Councillor Gavin Jones said he would look to find a solution.

Inner Wheel clubs have been asked to provide something fitting in their local community to mark the organisation’s 90th anniversary.

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