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Speed camera

Speed camera

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Drivers in Wark are being urged to watch their speed after concerns were raised by members of the public.

Police are working with the local community as part of an initiative to tackle speeding issues, and the Northumbria Police Community Speed Watch scheme has recruited 31 locals from Berwick, Morpeth, Alnwick and Hexham to assist.

However, they are keen to stress that Wark does not have a volunteer-operated camera - instead the deployment of a clearly marked mobile speed camera van is used in the area.

Berwick Neighbourhood Sergeant Steve Crane said: “Speed limits are in place for a reason and driving higher than the set limit could have serious consequences. Our priority is public safety on our roads and we will utilise the tactics we have available to ensure motorists keep within the speed limits.

“The locations of where speed cameras are placed is based on a number of factors and are mainly in areas where there have been a number of collisions where speeding has been a factor, or on roads highlighted by local residents.”

Sgt Crane added: “Under the Community Speed Watch scheme anyone found speeding will receive a letter, letting them know that the local community does not tolerate speeding. If the same driver is caught twice then police will make contact with the driver and action may be taken.”

He explained that these schemes, along with community concern cameras, were an effective deterrent against speeding and acted as a warning to motorists to adapt their speed, without penalising them. More information on volunteering opportunities such as the Community Speed Watch scheme can be found at

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