WATCH: video by post-16 protesters

Waiting for Video...

Protesters fighting against the decision to cut funding for post-16 transport in Northumberland have created a video to help get their point across.

It comes as the group organised via Facebook, Parents Against Decision to Scrap the Post-16 School Transport, staged a peaceful protest this morning ahead of an extraordinary meeting of the county council.

The Conservatives were responsible for calling the meeting and the motion to review the decision to axe the post-16 funding scheme, sparking a war of words between the Tories and the Labour administration over democracy and wasting taxpayers’ money.

One of the members of the protest group, Allison Joynson, issued an open letter to all county councillors this afternoon.

It read: “We are asking the political parties not to treat the future of our kids as a political football. This is about the education of our post-16s, the issue of free fares is not a political football.”




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